Kate has been teaching private trumpet lessons since 2005 and currently teaches out of her studio in Roseville, MN. She is also Trumpet Instructor at Hamline University and Century College. She has served as Trumpet Coach at Minnesota’s All State Band camp as well as a Trumpet Coach at Brooklyn Center High School. Kate teaches all ages and levels of trumpet players. She teaches a variety of styles, including classical, jazz, playing by ear, and improvisation. Her students have attended All State, various local and national honor bands, and some have gone on to study music in college. As an educator, Kate is invested in encouraging and supporting women and girls in the brass world. Her goal is to spread the joy of playing music to all of her students.

Teaching Statement

There is nothing better than watching my students discover the joy of making music. I work to meet my students where they are and bring them into the realm of making music. I love connecting with my students and instilling confidence in their abilities and creativity. In my studio we practice using our air efficiently to bring to life the musical ideas within us. We read music as well as play by ear. I teach my students to play with clean articulation; warm, open tone; strong rhythm; as well as a fundamental base of music theory skills. I also teach my students how to practice efficiently and successfully. It’s important to me to instill in my students that they don’t need to choose a career in music to have it be a part of their lives forever.


Kate has been a really fantastic teacher so far. I’ve played trumpet on and off for the last ~20 years, and for my most recent “on” I decided to take it more seriously and sign up for lessons instead of doing it on my own. I’m really glad I did!

Kate clearly knows her stuff, and she was quickly able to identify important things for me to work on that I would’ve had a hard time hearing myself. Even if I had identified those things wouldn’t have known what to do about them.

I would definitely recommend to Kate to anyone, of any skill level, looking to improve their trumpet skills.

-John (student), 32

Her teaching skills helped me to organize and understand my practicing method. Her knowledge of the trumpet and music exceeded my expectations from her on-line description. She found a way to identify and improve my weak areas of performance. She is an excellent instructor, a motivator and sets a good example.

-Devin (student), 16

Kate, thank you for giving me trumpet lessons. It helped me a lot at becoming a musician. You helped me reach higher notes, harder rhythms, and kept me challenged.

-Mack (student), 10